Absorb – A review of Jeremy Cowart’s Latest PDF

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Jeremy Cowarts PDF: Absorb

Recently, I mentioned 3 Free PDF’s that I found and said that I’d be reviewing each one in more depth.

Jeremy Cowart is a photographer known for working with celebrities.  I saw a tweet from someone else that he had released a PDF and that we shouldn’t miss it.  He shares with you what his network of friends do to stay inspired.  Click here to get this PDF.

Can I be real honest?

I’m not impressed.  Jeremy started out as a designer and then turned photographer and has made a name for himself shooting major celebrities.  His photography style is amazing and so polished.

I loved the concept of the PDF.  Sharing points of inspiration from other artists, but I expected a lot more from Jeremy on the design side.  It seems like he quickly threw this together.

The PDF is black background with white text.  Isn’t that a big design no no?  The white text on black background along with the small text size makes it difficult to read.  Now that I think about it, I bought his book Hope In The Dark in 2006 and seem to remember some of the pages were black background and white text, so maybe that’s his style.

I honestly didn’t read any of the content.  The text was not easily scannable.

It almost felt like he was releasing a PDF because other people are doing it.  Obviously I don’t know his reasons for doing it, but it seemed like a hurried project.  He says on the blog that he spent two weeks doing it.

Reading this was a good reminder to me that I have to continue to put in the hard work of making things readable, scannable and attractive if I want people like myself to read it.  I also need to not just do things because others are.  Personal investment in projects show!

My honest recommendation on the PDF?  Skip it.  But do go check out his amazing portrait photography!

Did you download it?  Do you have other free resources you would suggest?  Let us know in the comments.

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