Our salary comes from the generous donations of others and we TOTALLY understand not everyone has the capacity to give financially towards our ministry.  But… KEEP READING!

If you love what we’re doing and who we are, we’ve partnered up with some companies and are doing affiliate marketing and it won’t cost you anything.

We aren’t trying to sell you a product or asking you to sign up under us to sell a product.

Affiliate marketing simply means you click on our links and buy as normal (no extra charge to you) and we get a small percentage of the sale.

So shop as normal on Amazon from the link below and buy whatever you would usually buy.  You pay nothing extra and we get a small part of the sale.

If you frequently shop on amazon, keep coming back and using our link!



If you’re looking to host your website somewhere click on the link below to sign up with Blue Host.  We host all of our websites with them.  If you sign up on the link below we will get a kick back for sending you their way.  Maybe you know someone that is about to start a website, please send them to this page and have them use our link.

Lastly if you want a free audio book and a free 30 day subscription to click on our link below to get those two things and we will get a kick back as well.



That’s it!  Easy huh?

Thanks for considering helping us out in this way.



We’ve previously been approached with the offer to use multi-level marketing programs as a way to supplement our finances.  As we already receive financial support through relational partnerships, we haven’t felt it was appropriate to further pursue donors with product or business opportunities.  We don’t find anything wrong with multi-level marketing, we just don’t feel it is right for us.

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