Are You Inviting Feedback?

My last blog post was talking about the importance of confrontation.

Confrontation done correctly is a beautiful thing and it invites in light and truth.

We also recognized people fear confrontation because they assume the other person will react explosively.  Or they fear baring their soul nothing will be met with no action on the other end.

Since it always takes two to tango.  We have to ask ourselves if we are welcoming feedback in our own lives.

Am I approachable?  Am I asking for feedback?  Can I handle honest feedback?  Can I admit that I am not perfect?  Can I empathize, apologize and seriously work on the things in my life that cause others to not want be around me?

A few months ago, I sent a couple sample chapters from a book I’m working on to be endorsed.  I was met with hard feedback and it set me free.  Free to be open to critique, to not take things personally.

Danny Silk authored a book Culture of Honor.  Confrontation works best in that culture.

Inviting and giving feedback isn’t to destroy people.  It’s to lovingly point out weaknesses so that people don’t continue blindly in those things.

Danny’s teaching on boundaries was really beneficial to me as well.  And I think his new book Keep Your Love on also hits on a lot of these healthy relational topics.  I haven’t gotten a chance to check his new book out yet but I’d like to.  He posts quotes from his book often on facebook.

Lastly Steve Sprague talks about how he invites feedback from his faculty and how he processes that feedback publicly in his interview with Doing Ministry Well.

I encourage you to check out these resources and be a person that is okay with getting and giving honest loving feedback.  Healthy relationships depend on it.

How are you at confrontation?  Are you good at giving or receiving feedback?  Let us know in the comments.

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