Friends Friday :: Daiga Kasa

I’m going to try and highlight a friend of mine on Fridays, sometimes with an interview and sometimes just sharing something of theirs.  I met Daiga in Latvia in 2006.  Here’s something she shared with me that she wrote while teaching English in Mexico in 2009.



There are many reasons people get astray. Astray from God, from others and from themselves. The time, the conditions, the things others expect from us. Suddenly we find ourselves empty in a dreadful silence. Our hearts are deafened. The only rumble we hear from time to time is the crooked sound of our minds. Sick phrases that shout to keep safe and sound, to stay in that safe cage. The outside world can be too challenging, painful or scary. What should we do? Dwell in that silence?  How do we get out of that cage?


‘Daiga Kaša, born in 1986, Latgale, Latvia, Eastern Europe. Graduated from the University of Latvia, English language faculty in 2009. Taught English in international environments in Mexico and Riga, Latvia. Studied performing arts at Discipleship Training School in Germany and Thailand in 2010-2011. A singer, songwriter, artist, dancer, publicist, radio worker. Loves handwritten postcards, journaling, soaking music, reading interviews with profound personalities, drawing on napkins, or any kind of surface.:) Favorite Bible verse: ‘I will not die, but live and proclaim the works of the Lord.’ (Ps.118:17)


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