Faithfulness and Goal Setting

I love dreaming.  I love  thinking about an ideal future.

Today I feel an urgency to get some of my dreams out of dream mode and drag them into reality with some written goals.

That is the difference between head in the clouds dreaming a real concrete vision.  A good leader can see the ideal future, and has a written plan that they can communicate on how to get there.

But where is the line between being faithful to all that you’re currently juggling and have in motion, and dreaming and planning for the future?

You can’t neglect one for the other.  If you only dream, and aren’t faithful to what you already have going on, you won’t move forward.

And if you’re so stuck in what you’ve currently got going on and never dream, nothing will move forward.

I think I visualize a couple hours schedule a week, that is just for dreaming, planning and goal setting.  And faithful hard work diving in to what I’ve already got going.

Dreaming is more fun than the hard work of planning and doing though.  But lets get it done.

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