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I’m reading and listening to the book of Joshua right now.  Some people love this book, but to me it’s a little boring.  A lot of names of places, and kings, and people groups… oh history books.

I am sensing the consistency of God’s character though, the feeling of being up against impossible odds in different areas of our lives and having to simply trust that God is going before us, and He’s much larger than what we face.

I think sometimes we can get stuck by always approaching the Bible with a magnifiying glass.  It’s good to get in there and really study, but right now I’m trying to get even more familiar with the big picture.

I put my bible app on 2x speed and listen.  And I follow along at

After getting pretty bored with Joshua I deicded to see if I could find a good overview of the book on youtube.  And it brought me to the bible project, which I had heard of before, Jess uses these sometimes when she teaches.

The Bible Project does a great job of helping you understand the BIG picture and I love how they addressed the big question of Joshua and the question about violence and genocide that seems to be a common objection.

I can’t find a podcast that talked about some of the absolite horrific things that Canaanites did in their culture, but when I do I will link it.  These people were not innoncent.

Anyway, I wanted to introduce you to the Bible Project if you haven’t heard of it yet and I hope it’s a good resource for you as you’re reading the Bible:)

What have you been reading in the Bible lately?  Comment and let us know.



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