The Biggest Hindrance To My Productivity


In Steven Pressfields book The War Of Art he talks about a concept called resistance.  Resistance is a force that works against the artist to keep them from doing the hard work of creating.

Giving name and identifying the subconscious thoughts that undermine our lives on the daily is a huge benefit.  We can’t fight an enemy we cannot see.

Resistance manifests itself to me like this on a daily basis.

“What you’re doing doesn’t matter, no one cares, you’re not having any impact on anyone’s life.”

When I feel purposeless, like my life doesn’t matter, thinking what I’m doing doesn’t matter I’d rather just crawl in bed and pull the covers over my face and sleep the day away.

Those thoughts visit me daily, usually when I’m trying to do the work of going back and editing a post I wrote.  It’s almost like my own mind is trying to sabotage me.  It’d rather call it quits and convince myself that no one cares rather then do the work of making it better.  Gross.

Usually getting up and getting a quick change of scenery will help.  I can’t allow myself to sit and dwell in those negative thoughts.

What resistance do you face every day?  And how do you battle it?  Let us know in the comments.

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