Linky Wednesday 10.21.15

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Blogging from my new computer that someone recently gifted to me.  A 2012 13″ macbook pro.

Last week I Jess and I changed the brake pads on our car.  And I swapped out my solid state hard drive from my old computer to my new computer.  I’m feeling quite accomplished.  Two projects that I have never done before on my own.

If you don’t have a solid state hard drive in your computer, this will GREATLY speed your computer up. can help you with what parts you’ll need and how to swap  your hard drive out.



If you’re looking for a super easy way to help us out, click on this link and bookmark it as your amazon homepage.  Shop as normal and at no extra cost to you we will get a small percentage of your sale.

dmwfinal copy

If you haven’t already check out this weeks episode of Doing Ministry Well! This week we interview Mark Parsons a missionary in Thailand, he shares 3 tips to doing ministry well.  Check it out.   If you haven’t yet PLEASE rate, comment and subscribe on Itunes to keep up with the most recent episodes!


I’ll get back to posting some blog posts that I’ve enjoyed soon…


Are you liking Wednesday links?  Did you find any of these links useful?  Share with us some of the links you’ve been finding interesting this week!  Let us know in the comments!

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