Linky Wednesday 02.10.16

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Our friend Jeanette talked about this video last time we saw them in Louisville.  Really really crazy.

As you probably know I’m pretty big on safety.

You do have a fire escape plan, smoke detectors and fire extinguishers in the house right?  And you’ve used a fire extinguisher before as well?  If not now might be a really good time to get some of those things in order.


I picked up these two books at Costco.  I remember my friend Joanna posting an instragram pic of the book before she moved to Korea and said it was really helping.  And our house mate Corrin said she’s reading it right now to.  I really do want to be tidy, a good clean environment is peaceful and productive.






How to Connect with Your Audience – Holistic Honey

I’m working on applying the 80/20 rule that Samantha talks about in this post.  Great content.


dmwfinal copy

Doing ministry Well is on a break from posting new episodes while we rebrand.  In the mean time check out the company we’ve chosen to help us in our entire digital rebirth.




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