Maybe I’ll Use This Someday…

I was at my parents over Thanksgiving and thought to myself…

“My parents keep a much cleaner house now…”

Then it dawned on me.


Maybe it’s because I don’t live with them anymore.

I love tidiness.  And when I say I love it, that doesn’t mean I do it.  I’m currently typing this on my dining room table.  There’s a stack of mail here, a book that I haven’t read, a journal, multiple thumb drives, my coffee, some electrical tape, a bluetooth speaker, some receipts.  Gross.

Have you read Marie Kondo’s book about decluttering?  It’s pretty amazing.  And I’m attracted to the minimalist lifestyle.  Wanna know something funny?  I have no clue where that Marie Kondo book is.  I did have it by my bed side for a while… my bedside table is an area that is constantly getting stuff dumped on it.  Dang it, sorry  Marie.  And well, sorry Jess:(

I got to this sentence and got so frustrated that I stopped writing and picked a few things up.

It’s so important for things to have a HOME otherwise they just collect on flat surfaces.

I hate receipts and paperwork.  CLUTTER.

As I look in my basement and see all of the crap that I’ve collected.  There are so many things that I’ve picked up and thought “I MIGHT use this someday.”  The problem is that day never comes and so… there is a broken propane grill on the side of my house, some extra couch cushions in my basement, a gas lamp that I thought I’d flip (I even bought the glass part) some fishing poles, ugh, the list continues.

So I feel like I’ve learned a valuable lesson.  If I don’t have an immediate use for something, I don’t need to bring it home, because “might” never happens, and it just collects dust bunnies full of regret.

Who wants to go to the dump with me???


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