Percussion, Metal Detecting, Photography, and Moving Towards The Homeless In Love

I drove a different way to get down to outreach last night.  I took Mccully down to Kalakua.  It reminded me of the first year we were in Honolulu.  This is how I would drive our first school of School of Biblical Studies students down in a 15 passanger van.  I would drop them off at one end of the strip, and they would invite all of the homeless people they saw on their way to come get pizza at the first pavillion.

I have fond memories of those students.  There were only 2 native English speakers, one from Canada and the other from New Zealand.  But of all the other languages represented, God did an amazing miracle that each student had someone else in the school that spoke their language.  Three students were from Switzerland, two of them spoke Swiss German, and one spoke French.  Our student from Africa also spoke French.  There was a student from Finland, and a staff from Finland.  We had two Korean students, one who was Canadian.  We had two Chinese students.  And we had one Japanese student and the school leader was fluent in Japanese.  Pretty crazy how that worked.

I was late getting down to the pavillion, no bike accidents this time.  There was a guy getting a metal detector out of his car as I parked and a guy playing the congas.  I wanted to talk to metal detecting guy and hear about his recent finds but he was out of sight by the time I parked and got out, and I wanted to jam with conga guy but he seemed like he really knew what he was doing and I’m no conga player.

The pizza was already being handed out when I arrived at the pavillion.  I found out I was standing in Pastor RK’s pet peeve zone as he shooed me away from behind the table.

RK’s wife and I chatted a bit, Kelike again impressed and challenged me.   As we were chatting a man was eating pizza on the otherside of the stroller where Roger was napping.  Kelike said hello to him and he told her how he was waiting for her to come over and hold his hand while he was eating pizza.  I stood in between them as a way to try and absorb the innappropriate comments.  Kelike rolled her eyes at his multiple attempts.  I wondered if I should interupt him, try and take over the conversation, but Kelike didn’t seem to phased.  She actually stepped behind me and moved towards the guy and put her hand on his shoulder.  “I’m not going to hold your hand but I am going to pray for you.”

Then came a deluge of more innapropriate questions, “I bet you’ve never been with a black guy.”  He said and kept repeating.  He finally went on his way.

I was so impressed that even though this guy was obviously making innapropriate comments, Kelike didn’t respond in fear, or offense, but instead moved towards him in love.  Even placing a hand on his shoulder.  That’s challenging.

I met Will last night, he looked familiar.  I don’t know if I had ever spoke with him before.  He walked over with a cane.  A lady named Gina who had a thick Australian accent came over and sat with us too.  The conversation turned to photography, a topic of conversation I know a little something about.

Will told me that he got stuck here during 9/11.  And is a mechanic by trade.  He doesn’t do it anymore because of his hip.   Gina talked about how she was house sitting and dog sitting.  She pulled out a new canon camera from her bag and said she just bought it.  She also snapped some photos with an ipad mini.  It sounded like Gina had some money, she was talking about going and seeing her Grandkids in Australia, and wanting to go to Mexico to travel.  I’m not sure why she was down there.  I think maybe she was Will’s girlfriend?

It’s interesting how all of my hobbies popped up last night.  I think people tend to think hobbies are a waste of time, or not productive.  But they serve as connection points with people that you would never connect with otherwise.

I’ve always wondered why God gave me these random passions and talents that seem to be full on for a season and then not really ever used again.  I used to play drums, I used to do photography, I used to metal detect.  They are all in roads for connection with people, and something for me to enjoy.

Hawaii is helping me realize it’s okay to enjoy.  If we’re “working” for the Kingdom all the time and not enjoying the process, we’re probably doing something wrong and we don’t have an accurate picture of who our Father really is.

What’s your latest hobby?  What are you enjoying?  Comment and let us know.

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