One Touch

Lately I was writing all of my blogs in a pages document, mac’s version of word.

I had around 20 blogs ready to go.

The problem was that’s where they stayed, in a pages document in my documents folder.  And they never saw the light of day.

I’d open it up, and convince myself that none of it was worth publishing.

So now I’m going to only write in my wordpress editor.  And I won’t leave unfinished drafts.

I remember calling a successful businessman to ask him questions about productivity, and he talked about the one touch rule.  I’m trying to implement that in multiple areas of my life.

Why put a dish in the sink to wash it later?  If you’re there just wash it.  It’s more work to come back to it and do it later.

Why write things and expect to come back and edit them up later and then post them.  Do it with one touch.

What in your life would benefit from the one touch rule?  Let us know in the lonely comment section.

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