“Inspiring Stories Practical Applications”

I used to drive from Columbia MD to Jamestown NY quite a bit.  Half the trip was backroads.  I remember seeing this one church in the middle of nowhere, and I remembered wondering who the pastor was and if he was an awesome man of God and faithfully serving his small congregation.

So I decided I should start a podcast, and interview the little guys.  The guys without huge platforms, that still have awesome things to say, who are doing ministry well.  I had the idea going around for a year before my friend RK said he’d punch me in the face if I didn’t post an episode by the next time we met and well… the podcast was born.

I feel like in my ministry “career” we’ve learned a lot of theology but not a whole lot of practical stuff.  And I want to hear some of the practical stuff too.

This podcast is for every Christian, because we’re all in ministry.  So we do interview professional ministers and we interview starbucks managers who realize God has placed them there as a ministry as well.

Check it out at www.doingministrywell.com