Taylor Swift’s Acoustic Version Of Blank Space

Taylor’s legit. I remember my dad saying that a good song should be just as good stripped down to an acoustic guitar and vocals than it is full band. And she does it. I’m so impressed with her as a musician and a business woman. Her voice is SPOT ON.

These icons in whatever field they are in, super star athletes, jeopardy stars, have natural talent but then have put hours and hours and hours into perfecting their trade.

Is everyone capable of reaching this level of talent/success if they put the time in?

When I see excellence it does two things. It inspires me and then instantly discourages me. Am I willing to put in the hard work to be that good at anything. And what should I be putting that effort into?

Hesitation is sticky. “A car is easier to steer once it’s in motion.” Maybe it requires throwing yourself fully into something and let God do the steering.

I’ve dabbled in a lot. And I see all of those things as tools in my tool belt. Different gifts come out at different times. Maybe I need to dust off my guitar and start running some scales, or bust out the drum pad and work on my paradiddles.

This question goes through my mind often:  Am I pursuing the right things?  Am I putting my energy and hard work where it needs to be going?  Am I putting in the hard work?  Or is fear of putting my hard work into the wrong thing my excuse so that I never have to work hard.

As I thought about this blog post before scheduling it, I remembered making a phone call one evening on a cool summer night from a porch in Ohio.  I was talking to my friend Jeff and he shared a quote that is appropriate here.

“God’s not looking for perfection, just faithfulness.”

Thoughts?  Share them in the comments.

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