Remind Me To Tell Stories…


The other day I had a phone conversation with my friend Howard Ki.

10 years ago we got mistaken for each other at a YWAM conference in the south east because we were the only two Asian people there.  We were leading worship on two different worship teams but I was only playing guitar or bass not singing.  Multiple people came up to me and said they liked my voice.  We really don’t look that similar.  I think at the time we dressed a lot a like.  I dunno, maybe we did look similar, because a lot of people said I reminded them of Howard.  Nah…

I remember standing in the middle of big room in Taledega and Howard pointed to me and said this guy is single, and he will make beautiful babies like this and held up his kid.  Haha.

Anyway, Howard has released a podcast called The Truth About Muslims for the Zwemer Center so I felt like I should get in contact with him and ask him what he was learning since he’s a few months ahead of me.  I had him listen to an episode of my podcast and I listened to one of his.  His had MUCH higher production quality.  They also are funded which makes a bit of a difference.

One of my take aways from that phone call was to ask questions that prompt those being interviewed to TELL STORIES.

My pastor has been saying the same thing to me about my preaching.  TELL STORIES.

I’m glad God speaks the same message through a lot of different people because I must have a hard head or something.  God help me to be a better story teller.

What story are you telling?  What’s your life’s story saying?  Who’s your favorite story teller?  What’s the best story you’ve ever heard?  Let us know in the comments.

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