Total Truth

Currently, I’m reading Total Truth by Nancy Pearcy.  I have a weekly phone call with a friend in Ohio and we discuss our take aways from the book.

Nancy was a student of Francis Schaffer which is fun because Jess is reading the complete works of Francis Schaffer.

I feel as though I need a primer in philosophy as I read this book, the first 3 chapters she goes through and discusses how various thoughts throughout history have gotten to us where we are today.

It makes me wish I would have had a classical education where I was taught more, who knows if I would have actually paid attention back then.  But as far as history goes we never studied ancient history.  We had modern world history, US history and American government.

This book was recommended by Steve Sprauge the headmaster of the Classical Christian school in Kailua.  Please check out the interview I did with him for Doing Ministry Well it’s one of my favorite interviews.

A lot of the book feels over my head, but it’s making me want to learn more and is helping expose some of the lies I’m believing in my own life simply by being raised in a post modern culture.

I highly recommend it.

Have you ever thought about worldview?  Or read any books on it?  Let us know in the comments.

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