Wednesday Links 5.20.15

I’m going to try something new on Wednesdays.  I’m going to link to blog posts that I’ve shared the week prior on social media, things that I’ve found useful and maybe you will too.  I’ll also share the most recent episode of my podcast Doing Ministry Well which gets released each Wednesday.  And I’ll also share any articles that I’ve found interesting.

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Here’s a new episode of Doing Ministry Well where we interview Ron Smith the founder of the School of Biblical Studies.  If you haven’t yet PLEASE rate, comment and subscribe on Itunes to keep up with the most recent episodes!


I AGREE!  “The problem is I’m an introvert taking on an extrovert’s life.” Donald Millers thoughts on Introversion –>


Since we’ve been talking about hearing God’s voice | 7 Ways to Distinguish God’s Voice – Ron Edmondson


And one I didn’t post on social media but found interesting:  International Mission Board Drops Ban On Speaking In Tongues –>


The Rise and Fall Of American Christianity –> | Good read… here’s an excerpt

“The point is that while the percentage of Christians in America was near its highest — the moral state of our society was far from “Christian.”

In many ways, today’s America is more Christian than at any previous moment in its history! Slavery and segregation has been abolished, gender inequality is on the decline, the wage gap has decreased, church communities are more diverse than ever, and people’s rights and opportunities related to education, jobs, and opportunities are better than ever (but there’s still a long way to go).

For Christians, the most worrying aspect about the Pew Research Report shouldn’t be that Christianity is declining, but that the population of those claiming to be Christian hasn’t historically affected the nation in a very Christ-like way.”


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