What’s Been Exciting You Lately? Coins for me!

12031566_10156108063245565_1069082520398220831_oI’ve been trying for the past couple of hours to sit down and write something profound.  It’s not happening.  I can’t bring myself to finish blog posts I’ve started… so I’m just going to write about what has been exciting me recently.

I’ve started collecting coins.

I coin collected as a kid, I had a few of those penny books where you put the pennies in by year.  I’ve asked my parents to find them in the attic so when I go see them over Thanksgiving I can pick up where I left off.

A few years ago I started getting interested in “junk silver.”  I remember my dad had some silver coins, he said some guy came into the store he was working at and paid for something with silver dimes.  He gave me a few and I think one time when I moved I was in a hurry and just tossed them somewhere.  Moving makes you do things you regret and we’ve moved a lot.  -sigh-

I think every young boy loves the stories of pirates and treasure.  Maybe that’s why I think silver is so cool.  Because otherwise it really doesn’t make sense to pay more money for less money.

A friend of mine tweeted that her grandfather passed away and in the will told them that he hidden silver dollars somewhere in the house and they were for the grandkids if they could find them.  It’s been years and they still haven’t found them.  ADVENTURE!

I thought it’d be cool to give my each of my grandkids a small burlap bag of treasure when I’m old.  Who knows if they’d appreciate it or not.

I decided a couple of years ago I would use any birthday money I got to buy junk silver.  I’ve bought a little bit from a couple of different places.  My first purchase was online, and I got ripped off.  High premium for using a credit card, and then shipping.  Then I found a guy on craigslist that gave me a pretty good deal.  Then I heard about a place here in Tennessee and bought a bit from them but the almost 10% tax here kills that.  And once a bank teller friend of mine when I asked if she ever found any said she had just pulled some and was going to trade it in, but since I was interested in them I could have them!

So I’ve been learning a little bit here and there.  I’ve been asking for halves at the bank when I go in.  Any half dollars pre 1971 have some amount of silver in them.  Any quarters or dimes pre 65 have silver in them.

I look through my change to see if there is anything interesting.  It’s fun.  I watched a youtube video of a guy going through a box of $500 worth of halves and he found a few silver.  You know your a coin dork if you watch other people searching for silver and get excited for them.

I have yet to find any silver, but I’m going to keep looking.  I heard dollar bills with stars in the serial numbers are rare, but I found two today.



Anyway, that’s what I’ve been getting excited about recently.  It’s good to have a hobby.  What have YOU been excited about lately?  Do you have a hobby? Are you a coin collector? Comment and let us know.

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